When to measure? 

The best time of day to measure your fingers is mid afternoon. Reason being your fingers are the smallest in the morning and if you want your ring to sit comfortably, around 4PM is the best time to measure them.
The ring size you choose should feel comfortable in the evening when you are feeling warm and your fingers are likely to expand in size.

Should you go larger or smaller? 
Your ring should fit your finger well enough so it won’t fall off, but it should also be loose enough to be comfortable and fit over your knuckle without too much difficulty - and to accommodate for changes in finger size each day. You should allow for natural changes in finger size which happen throughout the day - and the month for women.
If you’re between ring sizes or there's a reasonable difference in your size throughout the day, a good thing to bear in mind is that it’s always better to go for a slightly larger size than one that’s too small, so you should steer in that direction. There's nothing worse than a ring that's too tight on your finger.

Large knuckles? 
If you have larger knuckles don’t forget that you’ll need the ring to slide over your knuckle without too much difficulty. This is particularly an issue for those who have arthritis in their finger joints, so take special care with measuring your ring size if that's the case.
To take this into account you should also measure your knuckle as well as the part of your finger where the ring will sit. Choose a size in between your finger size and knuckle size and check to be sure that a ring that size will fit over your knuckle.

Most common ring sizes for women?
AU/UK: L½ or US: 6
AU/UK: N½ or US: 7
AU/UK: P½ or US: 8
AU/UK: R½ or US: 9

The lower the letter or number, the smaller the size.



Get a ring sizer
To avoid making mistakes with measuring your finger we strongly recommend you purchase one of our inexpensive ring sizers. It’s also handy to have for future purchases!
Once purchased you can refer back to our sizing chart to ensure your order the correct size. 

Measuring from an existing ring
Find a ring that fits you perfectly, either one of yours or a friends. Then take a piece of string or paper, measure the length and refer back to our sizing chart.  

Go to a jeweller
Other than buying a ring sizer this is a great way to make sure you get the correct size ring. If you know your local jeweller, go in and have your fingers measured professionally. Make sure you note down the sizes of all your fingers so you have this on record.
As mentioned above, your fingers increase and decrease in size throughout the day so try and go in the afternoon to get the most accurate size. 

How can you determine your partner's ring size without asking them? 
When we’re referring to surprise custom rings or engagement rings this needs to be as accurate as possible as this usually involves diamond bands which can’t be resized.
If you can take one of their rings they wear every day and take it to a jeweller to get measured is always the best option.